Works by Ian Hunter

Dreamy Marsh Landscape

Waking from a dream

To see this dreamy sunrise

More dreamy than reality

More real than a dream

But if I am not dreaming

To whom do I say thanks

For painting this dreamy marsh landscape

At the foot of my bed


Marsh Mindfulness

I look out over the marsh daily

people ask me what I see

I could list the many images

but that’s not the whole story

I am learning not just to,

observe but to see 

listen but to hear

sense but to feel

learn but to discover

I see,

water sometimes calm and other times raging

the sky and the clouds it carries aloft

grasses and shrubs thriving

many animals roaming resting feeding

I hear, 

birds singing

frogs croaking

wind rustling

water splashing

I feel, 





I discover,

new things in the marsh daily

the marsh has both simplicity and complexity

my ability to bond with nature

who I am


Crab Pots and Paddle Boards

the waterman tends his crab pots daily
harvesting and re-baiting gliding over still waters close to the marsh
living a solitary life on the water

the paddle boarders are up for a day of fun
meandering along Turville Creek
watching the ospreys fishing
hoping to spot a dolphin in the bay

they paddle towards Herring Creek
lined with rich green marsh the waterman speeds towards them
tending to his pots laid close to the edge
he pauses to chat with the paddle boarders
commercial and leisure activities overlap all sustainable and no threat to the marsh
when carefully managed and executed respectfully

the waterman moves on to his next crab pot
paddle boarders wander aimlessly along the creek
ospreys are busy nest building the marsh is happy and smiling 


Pre-dawn Bayside Worship

she stepped out into the crisp early morning spring air 

birds singing the dawn chorus to greet her 

the pale blue sky had been delicately painted onto the calm waters of the bay 

the marsh was starting to shed its brown winter coat and change into green for the summer 

the sun was not up but the cloudy eastern sky was orange ablaze in anticipation 

a lone waterman glided over the mirror like surface 

speeding towards crab pots with hopes of a bumper catch 

sending perfectly formed ripples out behind his boat to infinity 

carving up the perfectly reflected sky painting into a torn canvas 

when the boat was well gone and the ripples were just a gentle swell 

the sky began to gently repaint itself on the water 

she treasured these still moments that touched her soul

she loved way the bay and the marsh gifted her changing portraits

the pre-dawn era was brief but seemed never ending 

the sun soon burst over the horizon with enthusiastic abandon 

dormant still air was nudged into movement by the warming sun 

gentle breezes began a whispering dance over the bay wiping out the reflected sky 

she took one last breath of the intoxicating morning air before going inside 

with a gracious thank you she she sealed the images in her mind

it was time to face another day laced with work chores family and errands 

mixing with the poor souls who have never learned to worship these wonders

she will return for her daily dose of bayside nature tomorrow


The Marsh

Betwixt dry land and the brackish eastern shore bays

Lies a place where human footsteps are unwelcome

A no-mans land invaded twice daily by tidal water

Drenched vegetation thrives

A haven for wild birds seeking food and shelter

Sturdy grasses cover these wetlands

Changing colors with the seasons

Lavish green in warm summertime

Brown is the fashion for cold winter and spring months

Occasionally snow covered

Frequently lashed by high winds

Still air hovers between gentle breezes

Shrubs anchor to the ever soaking floor

Welcome to natures water treatment factory

Mussels cling to the fragile shoreline

Crabs feed in the shallow pools

Small fish hide from hungry birds

Ospreys swoop in to grab nesting material

Black snakes patrol in search of unsuspecting rodents

Ticks crawl onto any passing mammal

Mosquito's emerge to seek out blood

The dreaded green-head flies attack with no mercy

Bullfrogs sing through the night

Raccoons wander around looking for trouble

Herons strut to their favorite ambush place

Noisy geese invade the silence

A fascinating place to visit and observe

Constantly threatened by development and pollution

Watched over and protected by the Assateague Coastal Trust

This is the marsh