Bringing People Back To Nature Through Literature, Adventure, And The Arts

The Marsh Online is a platform for anyone and everyone to tell their story. It is here to build a community of individuals that have something to say, and need a stage to share their story with others.

The philosophy of The Marsh is based on the belief that by learning to listen to Nature and immersing ourselves back into natural environments, we will find answers to many of the problems our societies and the planet face today. We encourage you to share stories that align with this concept of getting back and giving back to Nature. The Marsh Online envisions rekindling the man-Nature relationship and mending the disconnect that modern society has caused. In a sense, The Marsh is here to heal, using Nature and the power of the arts to express the soul. 

If you believe you have something to contribute to The Marsh and would like to feature your writing or photography in The Marsh, please email your materials as a pdf or word document to Billy Weiland at