Welcome To The Marsh


The Marsh began in November 2017 as an online "blog" for a non-profit environmental organization in Berlin, MD, Assateague Coastal Trust (ACT). Founded by Billy Weiland, The Marsh became the philosophical voice of ACT. Often referring to the posts within The Marsh as "pieces," Weiland utilizes the art of writing as a means to encourage individuals to get back to Nature and discover truth and meaning. A significant component of his philosophy addresses the disconnect that has evolved between man and Nature in first world society, and how that disconnect lies at the root of the problems and challenges we face today. 


Bringing people back to Nature through literature, adventure, and the arts. That is the mission of The Marsh. It exists as a stage for writers and artists to tell their story in a way that encourages others to think deeply about our world, and our place in it. 


Become A Voice Of The Marsh

The Marsh has the ability to become something significant at a time when society is in dire need of a means for individuals to express their soul.  The effectiveness of The Marsh and its ability to spread the influence that Nature has had on others rests in the mind of those that share their voice with The Marsh and its readers. So, from the founder of The Marsh, please use the stage to dance, and let your soul speak to the world. Share your story with us today.